The Forgotten Stones

The Bandits of Thingaz

A review of current investigations

  • Started off this adventure when Azagog informed the party of the situation – There were bandits in the South-West region of Moradran that needed dealing with.
  • Travelled south for about a week or more. Travel was hard-going, with strong winds and rainfall. Also encountered a roaming group of air elementals aggressively chasing a flock of ravens from the Bfovir (which ordinarily should never be able to leave its borders!)
  • Also noted along the road from the North (close to where the Drake-Quest was given) to the South (Thingaz) was seeing some use. This was unusual, because this road normally sees little use, since it is close to the Bfovir, which has not been as strictly maintained in recent years, and also because Thingaz is poor and only has lumber to trade, which it sends East, whilst the coal-rich area where your last adventure was sends its produce mostly Eastwards to the metal-rich areas (such things would therefore make their way to Thingaz via the road from the capital in the centre of the country). – Therefore, who had been using the roads so frequently?

To be updated


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